Call for Action
02 February, 2019

Call for Action

A message from the Secretary(National Focal Point) of the Somaliland Civil Society Network

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Call for Action: A message from the Secretary(National Focal Point) of the Somaliland Civil Society Network

Miss Amaal Saeed Dama

At this stage, over 60 countries including Somaliland have been termed as high burden countries indicating low nutrition status reflecting the need of nutritional interventions. Over the last 4 months, we have been working to develop the foundation of a functioning civil society network with human resource that will effectively contribute to economic growth and development of the country. Currently, the Somaliland Civil Society Network comprises of 16 organisations with a shared vision to transform Somaliland into a country where every citizen has food and is nutrition secured. The 16 members which include ANPPCAN-SOM, CARE, MERCY-USA, SAVE THE CHILDREN, WORLD CONCERN, PSI, WORLD VISION, ARC, SOLNARDO, TAAKULO, SCODO, HEAL, HPA, CANDLELIGHT-SOM, DAN and SAYS. We have also elected and formed an Executive Committee that will act as strong decision-makers and provide strategic leadership and direction to the civil society network.

As Civil Society Network, we commit to harmonising the voice of civil society and raise our voice to advocate at national level for the success of the SUN Movement in Somaliland. We aim to mainstream the objectives of SUN into our own organisations and actions. We aim to galvanise civil society engagement in the national processes relating to nutrition and support capacity building for nutrition. We aim to mobilise and empower citizens and grassroots communities to contribute to the work of scaling up nutrition. We aim to engage with others, including academics, to further the evidence of the effectiveness of nutrition Interventions. We aim to inform nutrition governance, policy and financing by supporting the establishment of, and actively partaking in, multi-stakeholder constructive dialogue. We aim to work together and with all parts of the SUN Movement, through sharing our experiences to maintain global commitment. We aim to hold leaders and governments to account for their commitment to nutrition by supporting the development of better nutrition information systems; and monitor and evaluate the progress of all nutrition actors. We re-affirm our call for all people, governments, private sector institutions, the UN system and nongovernmental organisations to continue to work together with us to end undernutrition, save millions of lives, and contribute to putting an end to extreme poverty.

Building national alliance for improved nutrition


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